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Commedia and Clown


Jarrod trained in clown, commedia, physical comedy and mime through places like the Funny School of Good Acting with Christopher Bayes and Virginia Scott, with Spymonkey's Aitor Basauri at the Celebration Barn in Maine, with Bill Bowers, Daniel Passer, and many others.

Here you can find the where and the what of all kinds of wild fun evenings of comedy, and in forms you may have never seen before.

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Currently Touring!

Come to the party through the back door and cross the line. There will be consequences! One actor brings to life the masks of the Commedia Dell'Arte to illuminate our absurd times with a lightning-speed slap in the face to power and a hip-hip-hooray for the ones on the bottom. Hey, don't make assumptions! He could be a top, you don't know!

Every Week!

See it for the 1st time or come back again! Join the community of ha-ha-ha! It's a different show every night! 'Cause there's improv. And also - different actors under different masks. Wanna geek out over the subtle differences between one actor's Smeraldina and another's - we got you! And also - The company is comprised of 14 of the most dangerously talented, bravest, funniest and most exquisite actors in the world, but it's not always going to be the whole company so different combos and different actors will be featured each go around. Figure out which ones are your favorites. Collect them all! And also - new material each week. Who knows what is gonna happen next? Not us!

Check it out every Monday night!

In Development!

HA HA HAWAI'I focuses on the quest for humor from pre-contact Hawai'i to the present. As the 50th State, the most isolated land mass in the world, and the only state that was once a Kingdom, Hawai'i has a unique history. Pageantry, an indigenous people and a place with the highest number of endangered species in the world, Hawai'i's vulnerability to outside forces allows for the highest order of storytelling. The history of Hawai'i is used to examine comedy as seen from the point of view of the local people, who are people of color. HA HA HAWAI'I integrates an international director with national and local Hawai'i actors. The language, music, and dance of the Islands is integrated to understand the conundrum of the quest for laughter amongst all peoples, indigenous and outsiders.

With Suzen Murakoshi, Michael Burgos, Jarrod Bates, and Anna Walden
Co-written and Directed by Aitor Basauri

This video is a small sample of Commedia & Clown with the Funny School of Good Acting.
(Advisory: Video contains explicit content not suitable for some audiences) 
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