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Meet Jarrod Bates, the lovably offbeat performer and creator who's one part Mississippi native, and one part Brooklyn-based dynamo. Wiry, squirrelly, and relentlessly annoying, Jarrod has made a career as an actor, physical comedian, and cabaret host, despite his best efforts to blend into the background. From Shakespeare to circus, Meisner to mayhem, Jarrod has broken it all—whether or not anyone asked him to. He's had the good fortune (mis)fortune to work with and learn from physical comedy legends like Christopher Bayes, Virginia Scott, Stefan Haves, Aitor Basauri, Dr. Brown, and many others who have all since taken up drinking. Jarrod's passport might have more stamps than he does friends, having performed on stages around the world with renowned companies like Cirque du Soleil, Strut & Fret, and House of Yes.  He’s also crafted enough virtual disasters for online clown shows that he should be permanently banned from the internet. His eclectic training includes the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, the Annoyance Theatre NYC, late-night YouTube binges, and the oh-so-seriously-named Funny School of Good Acting. In an ongoing attempt to make sense of the world, Jarrod approaches his work and play through the kaleidoscopic lens of the clown. By embracing the absurd, he brings laughter, warmth, and a touch of chaos to everything he touches—as long as it’s reinforced and fully-insured. This summer, Jarrod will be joining Spiegelworld's new show THE HOOK at Caesar's Atlantic City, directed by Cal McCrystal.

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